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To create transport file you have to start command acestreamengine --create-transport

required parameters

  • --input-path PATH - path to a file, for which transport file has to be created
  • --tracker TRACKER_URL - tracker's address (it is required to specify at least one tracker). If you need to add several trackers, you should specify this option several times

optional parameters

  • --output-dir PATH - path to a directory, in which resulting transport file will be created. By default it is a current directory.
  • --name NAME - name of transport file (if not specified, extension .acestream will be added automatically). If not specified, by default name of a file with content will be used for transport file.
  • --piece-size PIECE_SIZE - size of a piece in bytes. By default 32768. Valid values: degrees of 2 from 32768 to 16777216.
  • --http-seed URL - link to http-seed to support distribution. This link must point to the same file, which is specified in option --input-path. To add several links you should specify this option several times.
  • --provider-key KEY - key of content organizer
  • --sid ID - content identifier used for statistics (this ID is set by the organizer, it can be any alphanumeric string)
  • --copy-protected - allow saving content on the user's side in encrypted container .acemedia
  • --copy-disable - prohibit saving content on the user's side
  • --premium - mark this content as premium content
  • --duration SECONDS (available from version - specify duration of the content in seconds


Creation of transport file for file /tmp/test.mp4, save the result in /var/www/files/test.acestream, piece size 256 Kbyte, prohibit saving content on the user's side, tracker udp://, add http-seed

acestreamengine --create-transport \
  --input-path /tmp/test.mp4 \
  --output-dir /var/www/files \
  --name test \
  --piece-size 262144 \
  --copy-disable \
  --tracker udp:// \
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